The KING of PC's

Everything you need for the PC life. And we're not talking politically correct here, we're talking IBM-compatible, Windows-based applications. We Do It ALL!!!

Computer Elvis is the ultimate problem solver. Computer Elvis will fix it, or Computer Elvis will eat the bill. Computer Elvis will only charge a "gasoline fee" if we can't solve your problem.

Computer Elvis performs on-site (that means in your home or office) analysis and repair of all PC hardware and software dilemmas. Stand-alone workstations or networked systems, it doesn't matter to us. We have the power. We have the technology. We have the capable technical personnel who we can call upon at no risk to yourself, because if we can't fix it, we eat the bill!!!

Computer Elvis also provides complete consulting services for total business computer solutions. Site set-up services include server installation and programming. Web development services cover the entire range, from commercial applications to building your individual Web page.

Computer Elvis has a network of professionals worldwide. We have longstanding relationships (going back over two decades, to the age of 1200-baud Internet!) with European computer technology specialists who have helped build some of the biggest names in computing. We can do complete multi-language Website translations and targeted local country promotions, plus international mirror-site hosting to increase local download speeds.

Computer Elvis is The KING of PC's!!!!


Wednesday, March 1, 2006
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